Frequently Asked Questions

Construction and Features

What are some notable features of the belt?

BLC belts are made with high quality materials including polypropylene and nylon. These materials are used on the trims, straps, and thread which provide durability and sweat wicking features. The 3 inch strap closure with secure velcro provides additional support to the core and security when lifting. Some companies use a 2 inch strap, which works, but does not offer the best support. Sizing accommodates most sizes. If you are smaller or larger than the stock sizes, a custom sized belt can be made for you! Sizing accommodates for no more than a 4 inch gap, but also accommodates for a 3-3.5 inch overlap if you prefer an overlap in your belt closure. The tab at the end of the velcro strap (near the logo patch) provides easy access to disengaging the velcro. The belt buckles do not intergrate the WOD Clamp like Schiek patented and uses on their belts. Steph does not like the WOD Clamp, and knows many weightlifters who skip over that feature and secure their belts without it. Truthfully it is preference - not a neccessity for wearing a belt, so long as the velcro strap is secure. All belts are hand-sewn on a Consew Commercial grade sewing machine. This machine has a walking foot feature which provides tight lock stitches, and is capable of easily penetrating the leather insert and foam.

What embroidery fonts can I choose from?

Embroidery MUST be done before assembly of the belt. Choose from font options below.

How does sizing work? How do I measure myself? What if my size is not available on the size chart?

Sizing accommodates most sizes. If you are smaller or larger than the stock sizes, a custom sized belt can be made for you! Sizing accommodates for no more than a 4 inch gap, but also accommodates for a 3-3.5 inch overlap if you prefer an overlap in your belt closure.

Logistics and Policies

What is the return and exchange policy?

BLC does not accept returns or exchanges; so please be sure to properly measure before ordering and do your due diligence in scanning the product images and information!

What is the turnaround time after ordering a belt?

Since each belt - stock or custom - is made to order, it takes Steph 5-7 business days to complete the order. UPS Ground shipping takes 5-7 business days to deliver. So the turnaround time is estimated at 10-14 business days.

How are belts shipped?

Belts are shipped via UPS Ground which takes 5-7 business days. There is a flat rate shipping charge of $10 unless you spend $120+, then shipping is free.

What is the process of customizing a belt?

Go to the store page and place an order for a "custom belt". The website will guide you step by step; however, the order process is - 1. Tell Steph what kind of fabric you want and she will scour stores and send you fabric swatch pictures until you say, "THAT'S IT!" 2. Choose a belt size. 3. Want embroidery? If so, you have a 2X10 space to insert one to two words. You can choose black or white threading and an embroidery font. 4. Pay online and the customization process will commence! It is that simple!


What is a hybrid belt?

There are a few common types of weight belts. Soft belts are generally designed with a velcro strap and made with some sort of sturdy insert material. Leather belts are literally made out of leather, they close like an old fashioned belt using belt holes and a buckle, and the thickness generally varies from 10-13oz leather. A hybrid belt combines both soft belt and leather belt features. The Goldie Locks Collection is designed to have a soft belt exterior with a 7-9oz leather insert.

What makes Brooklyn Lifting Co. belts different from major brands like 2Pood?

While 2Pood is currently the sponsoring belt company for the governing body of USA weightlifting (USAW), their belts, like many other companies, such as - Harbinger, Rogue, Pioneer - lack exactly what founder Steph Giacalone was looking for. Steph was looking for a hybrid belt because soft belts are too soft and leather belts are too rigid. The only hybrid belt that she came across was still way too bulky and totally NOT cute. So what makes BLC different than major brands is: 1. The quailty of the belt - hand-sewn by Steph herself with high quality materials sourced in Texas, Connecticut, and China. 2. The ability to customize the exterior with ANY fabric of your choice as well as the option of embroidery. 3. The actual construction of the belt which provides the perfect amount of stiffness and support, along with the perfect amount of softness for functionality of preferred tightness around the waist. 4. A lightweight memory foam insert which provides 360 comfort and support to your core.

Why is the name of the company Brooklyn Lifting Co. if Steph currently resides in Texas?

Steph was born raised on the East Coast in the metropolitan area. She lived between New York and New Jersey for 30 years! Brooklyn changed her life. It was the first city where she leased her own apartment without her dad cosigning. She went from Corporate America desk jockey working a 9-5 sales executive job in the fashion industry, to a commission based fitness enthusiast job, to eventually owning a full fledged self-employed fitness business. She found CrossFit at Bushwick CrossFit where the owner took her in from athlete to coach. At Bushwick CrossFit she found her passion for weightlifting through her friend and colleauge, who became her first weightlifting coach. She then began coaching and secializing in weightlifting herself. Steph hustled daily working multiple jobs to fuel her passions - it was a HUSTLE. Brooklyn broke her but Brooklyn made her. Without that city chewing her up and spitting her out she would never be the person she is today. So to commemorate the place the shaped her, she decided to name the company after the very place that ignited her passion for owning a business and weightlifting.

Is BLC not P.E.T.A. friendly because they use leather in their belts?

BLC is infact P.E.T.A. friendly and a HUGE supporter of animals. While leather may seem inhumane and cruel, it is not in this situation, because it is sourced from a company that sells leather from the food industry. After animals are processed for consumption, their hydes are usually disposed of as waste. This leather company purchases and treats the hyde as a way to eliminate excessive useless waste. P.E.T.A. acknowledges this leather company.