Durable handcrafted chalk bag...that doesn't leak chalk!


-11x7 inches (LxW)

-Fuzzy liner to hold in chalk

-Outdoor canvas material on outside to act as second barrier against chalk leakage

-Wet/dry bag closure to ensure chalk stays contained

-Fits man-sized hands easily

-Can store inside gym bag or be clipped onto your gym bag using the buckle loop that is created when closing the bag


Available colorways:

-Blue canvas/tan vinyl

-Black canvas/camoflauge vinyl

-Red canvas/electric blue vinyl

-American Flag Stripes canvas/electric blue vinyl

-Tropical Palm Leaf canvas/tan vinyl

-Plaid/tan vinyl

-Blue Monstera/tan vinyl


CUSTOMIZATION AVAILABLE if you pay for chalk bag plus the cost of fabric!

Chalk Bag

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