Brooklyn Lifting Co. was founded by Steph Giacalone. She is a former USAG gymnast and CrossFit athlete. Currently she is a competitive USAW weightlifter, NCSF-CPT, and CF-L1 Trainer.

Steph was born and raised on the East Coast in the Metropolitan area - Brooklyn being the city that completely changed her life. She went from being a miserable Corporate America Minion to Girl Boss entrepreneur.

Through all of her fitness experience, she has always found it difficult to find quality products at a modest price. With her creative talents and fashion industry background, she has created her first line of weight belts called The Goldie Locks Collection.

The Goldie Locks Collection is a line of hand-sewn weight belts deigned to be not to stiff yet not too soft. This is a line of 4 inch hybrid straight belts - soft outside including a velcro strap, with the addition of a 7-9oz leather insert. What makes these belts extra extraordinary is the lightweight memory foam padding which not only provides additional support but it also provides comfort to your 360 degree core.


The belts are designed in accordance with USAW and IWF regulations. 


They wear well through all fitness activities including - but not limited to - weightlifting, powerlifting, cross-training, body building, and general gym lifts.